Whistler FUZION Review

Posted on 26 January 2009 by admin

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Whistler FUZION

A lot of people have been looking for good radar detectors, but frankly there are so many broken down and ineffective brands and models being sold in the market that it is difficult to tell anymore if a new radar detector works or not. The Whistler FUZION radar detector has proven to be one of the unique units being sold, so this review aims to see why.

Whistler FUZION: How it Works

The Whistler FUZION can actually be mounted in the dashboard in any motor vehicle and has all the equipment and features needed in radar detection. To avoid overspeeding and getting ticketed by the local traffic officers, the Whistler FUZION has everything from a radar receiver, a laser detector, and a control panel. It provides protection for your car in all areas, detects all radar bands including the X, K, and Ka, and is equipped with the latest technology that can detect POP mode radar.

Whistler FUZION: Cost

When bought online, the price for brand new Whistler FUZION radar detectors range from approximately $220 to $295 at most, which of course depends on the seller the customer chooses to buy from. PhantomPlate.com has the Whistler FUZION available with free shipping and a free can of PhotoBlocker Spray.

Does Whistler FUZION Work?

There have been no significant negative comments about this particular radar and laser detector, but its performance and installation process still doesn’t make a 5.00 rating to those who have actually bought and used the product. It would be wiser to look for more information about the model, have it regularly checked, etc.

** 12/10/2010 UPDATE: Whistler has upgraded the Whistler Fuzion with a new model, which we believe to be even superior – the Whistler Pro-3450. Take a look and buy is here from the BEST AND MOST RELIABLE website on the net (and we have looked at them all!!!):

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  1. Stacy Dunn Says:

    I hate clutter so the pod concept of the Fuzion really appeals to me. After paying “a tunner” seriously big bucks to install the Fuzion, a performance computer and wide band air/fuel guage into a 3 guage pillar pod in my WS6, there was no sound comming from the Fuzion’s external speaker. Everything is hooked up and plugged in correctly but it doesn’t work. The plug and speaker are unique in that because of the voice sythisizing circuit board in the speaker housing, I can’t but anything else to plug in its place. I don’t have to tell you a detector without sound is pretty worthless. I hope Whistler will replace this speaker but without an internal speaker of some sort, I have no way of testing it to know if it is the main unit or the speaker and I’d reall hate to have to uninstall the whole thing. My mom got this unit for me as a christmas present from Summit Racing I think.

    Also the backlit pannel is NOWHERE NEAR bright enough to read in the daylight…even with legally tented windows.

    So far I’m not impressed.

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