What do you think about Photo Blocker Spray?

Posted on 05 November 2008 by admin

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photo blocker
primozb asked:

Has anyone try ed this product? Is it really working as it’s written?



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  1. MTS229 Says:

    It doesn’t work, trust me. It’s been proven. Just do a little research on the internet and save yourself the $20-30.

  2. Doug Says:

    Total crap. Mythbusters even debunked this. Glare products can easy be defeated by simply using a polarizing filter on the camera.

  3. scott h Says:

    It does not work , check radarroy.com for some info.

  4. Uncle Jed Says:

    Myth Busters tried several sprays, covers and other methods to mask your tag. All were bogus and did nothing. I watched it, save your money……………md

  5. dirtytricksracing Says:

    Waste of money just obey the law.

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