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Radar Detectors: Say Goodbye To Costly Speeding Tickets

Posted on 06 July 2008 by admin

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radar detectors
Susan Fielding asked:

For a lot of people, speeding is a normal part of every day life. However, getting speeding tickets regularly becomes expensive. Not only are they expensive, speeding tickets increase your insurance premiums as well.

Are you are fed up with getting speeding tickets? If you drive with a heavy foot or find that you are always in a hurry, it might be time to buy a radar detector.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is essentially a microwave radio receiver. It is a device used to detect speed traps set up by police officers, and can also detect the presence of radar guns that are used to measure the speed of vehicles. Radar detectors are very popular these days, and help many people avoid costly speeding tickets.

Owning a radar detector is a great way to help you abide by the law. Radar detectors are very effective for warning you that you are approaching a speed detection device. The detector will make a noise or flash lights when it senses an incoming signal on specific frequencies. All radar detectors are capable of detecting police radar.

Before you decide to purchase a radar detector, it is important to check whether radar detectors are illegal in your area. They are currently illegal in passenger vehicles in Virginia and Washington, DC.

Buying a radar detector:

The price of radar detectors varies greatly. This is due to the fact that some radar detectors are more sophisticated than others. Choosing the right detector is essential to avoiding speeding tickets. The following are the three types of radar detectors:

Corded Radar Detectors: These are the most popular, and are designed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car. The detector itself is attached to the windshield with suction cups.

Wireless Radar Detectors: The advantage of these is that there are no annoying cords. Wireless radar detectors are winning drivers over with their flexibility.

Remote Mounted Radar Detectors: The remote mount type of radar detectors are mounted permanently to your car, hidden from sight. These detectors are more costly and require professional installation.

When purchasing a radar detector, the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. The more costly the detector, the more features it has, and therefore the better chance of it giving you an advance warning, so you can slow down in time. Advance warning can be critical when hoping to avoid a speeding ticket.

Where should you buy a radar detector?

The best way to buy radar detectors is online. This way you can do some research and read reviews of all the various models and compare the features. It is more than likely you will find a better price online than at your local electronics store.

When looking at prices, just remember that a speeding ticket could cost you up to five times as much as a radar detector.

Radar detectors are not foolproof and do not work all of the time, however, drivers who use radar detectors are safer as a group than those that don’t. So to avoid those speeding tickets, make sure you get the best.


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Radar Detectors

Posted on 14 June 2008 by admin

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laser radar detectors
Dhiraj Bandurkar asked:

Radar Detectors

For most of the drivers in the United States, radar detectors are common electronic devices that are widely used in the cars to determine if the speed is monitored by the police radar unit. The interesting part is that studies claim that the vehicles using radar detectors have a reduced threat of accidents whereas the police believes that vehicles using radar detectors have a greater risk of accidents. That it why, use off the radar detectors is illegal in some parts of the United States and most parts of Canada and other countries such as Australia. So before you want to buy a radar detector it is better to check with the legal guidelines on the use of it, that are prevailing in your state.

Lets understand how a radar detector works. In most of the cases, the radar unit bounces a radio wave off a moving vehicle with help of a radar gun that in turn determines the speed of the vehicle. With the change in the technology, the new speed detection devices used by the radar units are based on pulsed laser light, which is commonly referred to as LIDAR, rather than using the radio waves. Similarly the modern radar detectors have been upgraded to alert to the infrared light emitted by such LIDAR guns. But the new radar detectors are not always effective to detect the LIDAR detection. This is mostly so as the output beam produced by the LIDAR guns is very focused. While radar’s radio waves can expand to 85 feet across at 1000 feet from their source, LIDAR’s light beam expands to only about 6 feet making it very difficult to detect them. And that is why most of the time, the driver is caught unaware of the beams and they commit mistakes.

So many of the new age radar detector fail while detecting the focused beams produced by the LIDAR. They do not scramble or absorb the many or all of their products do not affect radar and laser signals in any way. And if by any chance these products do transmit any type of radar scrambling pulses, then they are completely illegal and can invite legal action against the motorist. So actually, actively transmitting on an FCC licensed frequency without a license is a violation of FCC regulations and a felony. LIDAR jammers are legal in most states and are regulated, much like police LIDAR guns; by the FDA as Class I laser devices.

There are many companies in the manufacturing of radar detectors. The popular of them are Escort, Cobra, Whistlers etc. When buying a radar detector, ensure that you are buying a model that has been approved by the concerned authorities. Also look for the advanced features and go in for product comparisons wherein you can read the product reviews and also check with the pricing of the radar detectors.


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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Posted on 11 June 2008 by admin

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license plate spray
Jason Gadayan asked:

Chances are if you have your license then you have been issued a speeding ticket. For the most part most people think that there is nothing they can do to beat a speeding ticket, because after all if they was speeding that made them break the law. There is a old wise tail that I found to be true a few years back when I receive a speeding ticket for 67mph in a 55mph. The theory was that if the police office did not lock your speed into the radar then you were as free as a bird. The police officer would have no proof to issue you a speeding ticket. I found this to be true. One of the first things you should do when you get pulled over for speeding is to ask the police officer to see the radar and see what speed he had you locked in at. I found that a lot of police officers do not lock the radar after catching someone speeding. Because most people when asked “Do you know why I pulled you over?“ They reply with “Yes I was speeding a little”. Saying that you know why you were pulled over is just the same as saying your are guilty, and the police officer does not have to have your speed lock it at all now. With out this lock there is no way for them to prove you were speeding even if you were speeding. So more than likely that without your speed being locked it will just get thrown out of court (if it goes that far)

There are many other ways to get of a speeding ticket that I found may be very useful. The first thing you are “NOT” to do is say you were speeding and plead guilty. In the USA there there is a saying that people use all the time, “innocent until proven guilty“, so let them do there job and prove it. Do not get angry or start arguing with the police officer. This may irritate the officer and they may issue you speeding ticket. The best approach I can suggest is to ask the officer the reason you were pulled over and be very polite. Hey even being nice and kind with no smart comments can even get you out of a speeding ticket sometimes. The police officer has a great deal of discretion and can just decide to issue you a warning in lieu of a speeding ticket. Again do not admit to the officer that you know why you were pulled over and ‘Don’t argue and get nasty “. There is no point in admitting guilt at this point. OK, lets say your speed was locked into the radar and it was recorded on paper and the officer has decided to issue you a speeding ticket. Now you have to go to a court hearing to find out what your fine is. You’re thinking that there is no way out of it at all. That is where you are wrong. The first thing to do is call for as many continuances as you can. This is when you are unable to make it to the court hearing due to being sick, out of town, or not able to get off work. The longer you can hold off the court the more likely you are going to get out of the ticket.

Now you’re still are going to have to go to court sooner or later, but there is still a way out. The longer you can hold off court the more likely the police officer that pulled you over will not be able to make it to the court hearing. Without the same police officer that issued you the speeding ticket being there in person to give the judge his sworn statement, the court has has no witness to the traffic ticket incident. See this is how it works. When the police officer writes you the ticket when you get pulled over, he bases the court date around his schedule. That way he is able to make it to court. With you calling for a continuance, this throws his schedule off and more than likely he is not going to be able to make it, and I don’t think he is going to make it a point to change his schedule around just to go to a boring court hearing.

Now there is another way to get out of a speeding ticket, and that is to not get a speeding ticket at all. Avoiding a speeding ticket is the 100% way to getting out of a speeding ticket. There is a few tricks to help improve your chances of not even getting pulled over. A good way to help avoid a speeding ticket is to know how many points you have left on your license. Trust me if you are about to loose your license with one more traffic violation and you know it, then you are going be extra careful when driving. In turn this is going to heighten your senses and make you a better and more safer driver on the road. There is a rumor out and about. I am sure you have seen police stickers that you can put on your vehicle. The ones that say you support the men in uniform. Yes, well this could be a good way avoid a speeding ticket. If I was a police officer and I was following someone because I was ready to pull them over and I see a sticker on their vehicle that said that they “support me”, I might just let them go. Just as long as they were not speeding way over the limit. This shows the police officer that you support then and he might just may let you go with a warning or not even pulling you over at all. The local PBA’s or FOP’s around the US depend greatly contributions. If one of their officer’s issues a speeding ticket to a person that has contributed to their organization, believe me the police officer will hear about it. They usually think twice about giving speeding tickets to contributors and supporters of their local union.

Scanning the road ahead of you is another big way to avoid getting pulled over for speeding. You have to think like a police officer. Where would you be sitting at? Some places police like to sit and wait for speeding is behind over passes. This is one of those I see you and you don’t see me things. They also and sit at the top of a on ramp to the freeway. By the time you pass he has you speeding. You are expecting to look up and almost behind you for a police car. You have to take use caution where you would think they might be hiding and waiting.

In some cities now they have red light cameras up that are snapping pictures of people speeding and sending the violator a ticket in the mail. There really is no way out of this but to say you were not the one driving it, it was your friend. All that you might attain with this, is the ticket being pushed off to one of your buddies. These cameras can be found on over passes on the freeways, street corners, and stop lights. They are even found by school zones. There is a product out on the market that you spray on your license plate and then when the camera snaps a picture of your car, the license plate is blurred out and in turn there is no ticket. I have never used this so do your own investigation and use at your own risk.

NOTE: This article is not a 100% way to get out of a speeding ticket. It just simply states what might happen in the event of getting pulled over by a police officer.


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