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PhotoBlocker Spray Review

Posted on 12 January 2009 by admin

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Photo Blocker Spray

If you’re looking for a new way to evade traffic enforcement especially when you’re speeding and beating the red light, then you must have been wondering whether there are products available in the market that helps you avoid getting caught. Fortunately, for you, there are products such as the PhotoBlocker Spray which helps conceal your car plate as you speed and beat the red light.

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question about photo blocker spray for license plate?

Posted on 21 May 2008 by admin

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photo blocker
JJ C asked:

I recently bought a photo blocker spray that you spray on your license plate so that just in case you happen to run a red light or make an illegal turn or whatever and there is an intersection camera, then the flash from the camera would cause a glare and your plate wouldn’t be seen in the picture.

Well….after applying it to my license plate i tried it with my digital camera and it didn’t work for me…i could still read the letters/numerals on my plate.

…the spray can says its guaranteed to work. Does this mean the intersection cam flash is different???

Please help with any info PLLLEEEEEEASE!!
…Cuz today i accidentally ran a red light and seen the cameras flash.


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