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What do the spectre and pop alerts mean on my Cobra radar detector?

Posted on 30 November 2008 by admin

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cobra radar detectors
snuggles24_04 asked:

My radar detector is always going off with those but I’m not real sure what they mean!! Also VG2 alerts…Thanks


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Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

Posted on 30 May 2008 by admin

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It’s embarrassing to be the one sitting on the side of the road waiting for your speeding ticket as hundreds of people, some you know and some you don’t, pass by. Most likely it is on a strip of road that you drive everyday and this just happened to be the day you got targeted by that laser gun.

This might be when you think about purchasing one of those little gadgets that will give you some notice when one of those “guns” are pointed in your direction. You might want to get a laser detector, especially after you see the amount of the speeding ticket.

After that first ticket, or maybe after numerous tickets, you may begin to understand why there is so much “fuss” about these devices. This is where you will need time, patience, and information to make sure that you get the most up-to-date radar detector at the right price for you.

The older radar detectors worked by using radio waves to detect the speed that the motorist was traveling. The laser guns are more precise and actually, harder to detect by a “fuzz buster.”

When researching which type of detectors works best, the Valentine One Radar seems to be one of the most promising on the market today, when it comes to the best radar detector available. One reason why it is so impressive is that it never goes out of date because it can always be sent back to Valentine for the newest updates. The laser detector they are selling today is actually the same one that they sold several years ago; they just keep updating the technology.

We all know that the best solution to avoid speeding tickets isn’t a laser detector or radar detectors jammers. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to simply avoid speeding altogether. But although most of us are typically law abiding citizens, this is the one law that most every driver breaks at some time or another.

Whether it is intentional or not, it only takes being caught that one time by a law enforcement officer to get a ticket. And although the laws are in place for everyone’s safety, it is hard to swallow when you get a citation and nobody was hurt or you really were unaware of your speed.

So, the best advice for the safety of yourself and everyone on the interstate, side streets, or roads that you are traveling on is to just slow down and leave early enough to get where you are going without the need to speed. However, if you are prone to rushing here and there, especially when traveling great distances and you want to avoid speeding tickets, then do your research and find the best laser detector for your needs and budget.


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