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Radar Detector Ratings

Posted on 03 November 2011 by admin

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Radar detectors are widely used by people who want to avoid speeding tickets. If you are into using radar detectors, then you would probably want to look at their ratings first. Radar detectors nowadays are rated according to its features and sensitivity. High rated radar detectors give more satisfaction to the user.

Radar detectors are sometimes rated from 1 to 4 stars, 1 being poor and 4 as excellent. Here are the top 10 highly rated radar detectors for 2011 according to

  1. Escort Passport 9500ix

–          Rated 4 stars, the Escort Passport 9500ix prides itself in filtering false alarms and long range detection.

  1. Beltronics GX65

–          Also rated 4 stars, the Beltronics GX65 warns the user of speed and red light cameras, and has good radar and laser detection. The drawback is that it has poor performance with regard to isolating false alarms.

  1. Whistler XTR-696SE

–          The Whistler XTR-696SE is rated 3 and a half stars, it includes a great feature set that comes with a signal type identifier. On the other hand, this radar detector has quite low signal strength.

  1. Beltronics STi Magnum

–          Also rated as 3 and a half stars, this radar detector has housing created using TotalShield technology making in undetectable to radar detector spotters. However, this radar detector doesn’t come with a GPS.

  1. Escort RedLine

–          The Escort Redline radar detector is also rated as 3 and a half star; it has dual antennas which are good for increasing the range for radar detection, and it also reduces false alarms through digital signal processing. The only drawback is that this radar detector does not display your current speed.

  1. Cobra XRS 9970G

–          Rated as 3 and a half star, an advantage of this radar detector is that it includes a free and lifetime subscription to the fixed camera database. However, some fixed camera locations are missed.

  1. Beltronics RX65

–          Also rated as 3 and a half stars, Beltronics RX65 has a great range and signal strength. I is also very accurate in detecting radar signals. However, this radar detector does not include GPS that can track fixed camera locations.

  1. Escort Passport 8500X50

–          Rated as 3 stars, this radar detector does not only have a very good range in detecting signals, it also has a traffic sensor that is very helpful for the user to avoid delays. The only drawback of this radar detector is not having voice alerts, audio alerts may also be louder.

  1. Cobra iRadar

–          The Cobra iRadar is rated 3 stars and provides the user complete protection against all radar and laser guns. However, you need to have an iPhone or Smartphone to enjoy its other features.

  1. Valentine One

–          The Valentine One, also rated as 3 stars, has an advantage of having extremely long range with a strong signal. However, this unit is very limited as well as its features.

Radar detector ratings are helpful for users who want to purchase the most effective radar detector. However, costumers should also consider the pros and cons of each radar detector in order for them to enjoy full satisfaction.

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