Please help me with my Escort x50 radar detector?

Posted on 08 March 2008 by admin

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escort radar detector
jumpincow22 asked:

Ok, I just got this thing. It is the blue one. One of my friends has the same exact radar and when he drives down the road his radar has the blue little dots scrolling across the screen…idk what you call may call it like a mouse chasing effect or a scanner light effect..idk….HOPEFULLY someone knows what im talking about..
I was wondering how do you set that up to do that???
and are there any other neat lil tricks like that??
wow what a stupid response, not all cops use if you were smart..radar detectors do pick up lasers too…i know if you get the laser alert..ur already screwed..but dont comment unless your answering question. ty.


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  1. mcperson2k Says:

    cops dont use radar anymore, they use lasers. sorry

  2. robm425 Says:

    There is the Scanning Dot, Scanning +

    read the manual the directions are in there on page 2 you will need to edit the settings

    While this feature doesn’t improve radar detector it is a cool feature and a favorite of mine when I has the x50 though now i use the V1

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