PhotoBlocker Spray Review

Posted on 12 January 2009 by admin

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Photo Blocker Spray

If you’re looking for a new way to evade traffic enforcement especially when you’re speeding and beating the red light, then you must have been wondering whether there are products available in the market that helps you avoid getting caught. Fortunately, for you, there are products such as the PhotoBlocker Spray which helps conceal your car plate as you speed and beat the red light.

PhotoBlocker Spray: How It Works

What PhotoBlocker can do is repel red light cameras which take pictures of traffic violators. It’s effective as a spray which you apply onto the whole license plate to conceal the plate number. After a few minutes, the formula will become permanent; however, the spray cannot be seen by the naked eye. You’ll still be able to see your plate as it is. All that PhotoBlocker does is to reflect photographic radar flash so that when a traffic camera takes a picture of your plate number as you pass by, they’ll be able to get an invisible license plate on their screens.

PhotoBlocker Spray: Cost

PhotoBlocker costs $29.99 but if you purchase it online at, they’ll offer you as many as two free additional cans of PhotoBlocker. Most orders are shipped the same day and shipping is absolutely free.

Does PhotoBlocker Spray Work?

Many people have attested to the magic that PhotoBlocker did for their license plates. Not only did they get to evade the seriousness of traffic violations along the road but they also tested it by using red light camera flash directly onto the plate. In these tests the product returned the same result as was mentioned in the product’s description. There are many retailers selling the PhotoBlocker which makes it credible enough to live up to its use.

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