License plate photo blocker spray? does it really work?

Posted on 23 November 2008 by admin

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Jenna D asked:

is it illigal in michigan?
How would you get caught on using it?


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  1. lillbert Says:

    yes it works for now. However it is illegal in most states

  2. Ronald S Says:

    They had that on Mythbusters… it didn’t work on the show – don’t waste your money.

  3. john m Says:

    if You get caught on that…..
    the ticket is ,very high amount of money ,plus a bad criminal record.

    Yes definitive IT’S WORKS!!

  4. Tom Says:

    Mythbusters tested it and they said it doesnt work. In fact, they didn’t find any products that worked good enough.

    Drive the speed limit?

  5. dodge man Says:

    oh yes it works ,really good,but its illegal to use in most states,what it does is cause the cameras to blare the picture,and they cant focus it on the plate,but it works,just don’t get caught using it,good luck i hope this helps.

  6. Heinz M Says:

    You’d need a photo sensitive sheet’ like some sunglasses that get dark when exposed to bright light.

  7. bucks2743 Says:

    mythbusters isnt always right.

  8. diog Says:

    Well, it obviously Didn’t work on MythBusters… BUT They also may have not put a Thick enough Coat on, or too thick of a Coat.

    If you have ever seen a Road Sign with Frost on it, then you know that such a spray MUST exit, or be made!! You dont even need that bright of a light (just bright enough to light the Coating up) to get it to turn a white dusty color. Headlights would be bright enough to blur the Plate, in this case. If you DO use this Spray, you MUST use it Properly!! And Test it with your Head-lights!! You should also spray it on, in a non-public area, where noone will see you using the Spray. Those of you out in the Coutry will have the Advantage, here! Suburbia will find a way, but the City Guys will need to use their Garadges, if they have one.

    Clear Coat (If misted on Really Thin) may Also work!!

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