Does anyone know how to make their own “Photo Blocker” (Spray that defects the Photo Inforced Intersections)

Posted on 05 May 2008 by admin

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Kenneth the Menace asked:

Photo blocker cost like $25 per can at best. And u only get like 8 license plates for each one, I want to know how to make my own. Or find the cans for like $10 each. Anyone?


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  1. mikeim2 Says:

    Um, being the the stuff doesn’t work, why not just spray water onto the tags. Mythbusters tv show tried all sorts of devices to obscure a traffic camera, none worked.

  2. baseball_pickem Says:

    Try not running red lights and you won’t have to worry about the cameras. Simple eh?

  3. In your rearview mirror Says:

    Most states, like California, have made it illegal to put anything on your license plate which obstructs the reading of it. To include those sprays.

  4. UCANTCME Says:

    I have seen this before and it does not work, it is just a scam, just like those license plate covers…………………..

  5. endless_cash Says:

    One option is to detect the photo radar and check your speed before you approach it. Many radar detectors also detect photo radar cameras, so look for a good radar detector that will alert you to their presence. The Escort Passport 9500i even includes GPS that allows you to store the location of radar cameras and other police radar, and alerts you as you approach those areas, allowing you time to check your speed before entering the intersection.

    Another option is to use a Speed Cheetah GPS Mirror, which stores the location of all photo radar intersections and alerts you whenever you are approaching one. The GPS Mirror provides the ability to update the device with new data from the internet, whenever that data is updated. The GPS Mirror has the advantage of storing ALL photo radar locations from around the world, allowing you to travel to other cities and immediately know the location of all police photo radar traps.

  6. Hunter H Says:

    I gotta agree with mikeim2 that mythbusters tested ALOT of “plate blockers” and only one kinda worked in that it blocked the last 2 characters but even if it blocks some, not all of the characters on you license plate cops can still do a search for your plates no matter how few or many characters they can recognize.

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