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Cobra ESD7400 Performance Radar/Laser Detector Review

Posted on 12 December 2011 by admin

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The Cobra ESD7400 Performance Radar/Laser Detector is equipped with an ultra bright data display, a safety alert, and a VG2/Spectre surveillance undetectable. It has the ability to detect radar frequencies and laser signals that are currently available in the US and Canada.

Outstanding Features:

Spectre I Undetectable – the Cobra ESD7400 has is capable of hiding from Spectre I radar detector – detectors that are used by most cops in detecting radar detectors.

VG-2 Undetectable – aside from Specter I radar detector – detectors, the Cobra ESD7400 is also able to completely cloak itself from VG-2 radar detector – detectors.

Ultra Bright Data Display – with the use of band identification icons, the Cobra ESD7400 gives its user an easy recognition of bands.
Laser Eye – with the Cobra ESD7400’s “laser eye”, users are assured of a 360 degree detection of all laser signals.

VG-2 Alert – users can no longer worry if they are under VG-2 surveillance, the Cobra ESD7400 will alert its user when under surveillance of a VG-2 radar detector – detectors.

Safety Alert – the Cobra ESD7400 has the capability to alert its user if there are emergency vehicles up ahead, or railroad crossings and road hazards.

Auto Mute – for enhanced driver convenience, the Cobra ESD7400 has an auto mute feature that automatically mutes alert tones.

City/Highway Modes – this feature of the Cobra ESD7400 will allow the user to select and operating mode that suits his driving. This will reduce the frequency of false alarms when the user is in a highly polutated urban area.

The Cobra ESD7400 ranks number 4 in Amazon’s best seller list for the best car radar detectors. It has the lowest price tag among the rest of the radar detectors.

The Pros:

The Cobra ESD7400 is does exactly what is described of it. It has a cheaper price than the rest of the radar detectors, the size is good, good windshield mount, and has the most desirable features. If you want a more affordable radar detector that fairs with the other radar detector then this is for you.

The Cons:

It’s not a high-end detector, the range of detection is not really that far, sometimes the alarm triggers 10 seconds right before you would have been told to pull over. It also has a consistent laser alert with rapid acceleration kind of a hardware bug.

Bottom line:

This is a good radar detector worth its price, it is reliable for occasional heads up. Of course there are other radar detectors that possess greater features than this, but this is the most affordable radar detector that gives you a reliable result.


*** 3/5 Stars

Overall, I would give this radar detector 3 out of 5 stars because of its cheap price, reliable result, but the range is not that good.

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