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Radar Detector Ratings

Posted on 03 November 2011 by admin

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Radar detectors are widely used by people who want to avoid speeding tickets. If you are into using radar detectors, then you would probably want to look at their ratings first. Radar detectors nowadays are rated according to its features and sensitivity. High rated radar detectors give more satisfaction to the user.

Radar detectors are sometimes rated from 1 to 4 stars, 1 being poor and 4 as excellent. Here are the top 10 highly rated radar detectors for 2011 according to

  1. Escort Passport 9500ix

–          Rated 4 stars, the Escort Passport 9500ix prides itself in filtering false alarms and long range detection.

  1. Beltronics GX65

–          Also rated 4 stars, the Beltronics GX65 warns the user of speed and red light cameras, and has good radar and laser detection. The drawback is that it has poor performance with regard to isolating false alarms.

  1. Whistler XTR-696SE

–          The Whistler XTR-696SE is rated 3 and a half stars, it includes a great feature set that comes with a signal type identifier. On the other hand, this radar detector has quite low signal strength.

  1. Beltronics STi Magnum

–          Also rated as 3 and a half stars, this radar detector has housing created using TotalShield technology making in undetectable to radar detector spotters. However, this radar detector doesn’t come with a GPS.

  1. Escort RedLine

–          The Escort Redline radar detector is also rated as 3 and a half star; it has dual antennas which are good for increasing the range for radar detection, and it also reduces false alarms through digital signal processing. The only drawback is that this radar detector does not display your current speed.

  1. Cobra XRS 9970G

–          Rated as 3 and a half star, an advantage of this radar detector is that it includes a free and lifetime subscription to the fixed camera database. However, some fixed camera locations are missed.

  1. Beltronics RX65

–          Also rated as 3 and a half stars, Beltronics RX65 has a great range and signal strength. I is also very accurate in detecting radar signals. However, this radar detector does not include GPS that can track fixed camera locations.

  1. Escort Passport 8500X50

–          Rated as 3 stars, this radar detector does not only have a very good range in detecting signals, it also has a traffic sensor that is very helpful for the user to avoid delays. The only drawback of this radar detector is not having voice alerts, audio alerts may also be louder.

  1. Cobra iRadar

–          The Cobra iRadar is rated 3 stars and provides the user complete protection against all radar and laser guns. However, you need to have an iPhone or Smartphone to enjoy its other features.

  1. Valentine One

–          The Valentine One, also rated as 3 stars, has an advantage of having extremely long range with a strong signal. However, this unit is very limited as well as its features.

Radar detector ratings are helpful for users who want to purchase the most effective radar detector. However, costumers should also consider the pros and cons of each radar detector in order for them to enjoy full satisfaction.

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A Radar Detector Is For Anyone Who Knows Where To Use It And Uses It Properly

Posted on 18 October 2008 by admin

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radar detectors
David H. Urmann asked:

There are a lot of radar detectors out in the market that you could choose from despite its legality issues. It would help to know where it is legal or not, so that you can avoid any trouble with the law and at the same time maximize its use.

A radar unit is used by law enforcement to measure the speed of a vehicle. A radar detector was created for the purpose of checking if a radar unit is monitoring your speed. This is an electronic device that some motorists keep handy in the event that they know they will be speeding or just simply to determine if a radar unit is monitoring their speed at a certain time. If you are one of those motorists who need that kind of information, then radar detectors are for you. But then again, having a radar detector is not a license to speed.

Once you have determined your need for a radar detector, the next question would be if radar detector could be used in your area. There are some countries and areas that prohibit the possession of a radar detector and people who would like to avail it should take this into consideration. In some places, possession of a radar detector is considered illegal and could result in fines or confiscation and even both.

Possessing a radar detector (especially in a moving vehicle) is illegal in the following countries: Australia (in all states except Western Australia), Belgium, Canada (in all states except Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan), Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. On the other hand, it is known to be legal in Middle Eastern countries, especially in UAE, Jordan and KSA.

As for the United States, radar detectors are legal in private vehicles under the Communications Act of 1934, but then again the law varies from state to state. It would help if you find out first if it would be legal in the state where you will be using it. A radar detector is specifically illegal in all vehicles in Virginia, Washington,D.C. and in U.S. military bases. It is also illegal in commercial vehicles in: Illinois and New York. Under state law, commercial vehicles are those that are over 10,000 pounds while all other vehicles over 18,000 pounds. There is some states where it is known to be indirectly illegal such as: Minnesota and California. Indirectly illegal means that a radar detector is illegal if it is hanging from the windshield while it could be legal if it is mounted on the dashboard or visor.

When you are ready to purchase your own radar detector, you must consider the ones that have good feedback already. There are top three radar detectors that have received the highest ratings in reviews. They are: the Escort Passport 8500 X50, the Beltronics Professional RX65 and the Valentine One. There is no one radar detector that we can say is the best, because there are certain trade offs that we have to consider. For example, if you consider the cost, Valentine One is more expensive than the others although it is known to be better at detecting laser guns. However, the Valentine One is not advisable to be used to avoid a ticket because by the time it alarms, it would be too late already.

Before you purchase any radar detectors, it would help to read reviews about it. Learn about its specific functions, compare its prices and check its quality. There are lots of different radar detectors in the market and it is a matter of finding the right one that would work for you based on your needs. You also must keep yourself informed of the legality behind it that could vary from place to place. That way you could maximize its use without getting into any trouble.


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3 Tips To Buying The Right Radar Detector

Posted on 19 September 2008 by admin

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Brandon Hopkins asked:

There are many radar detectors on the market right now. Each one of them claims to have a single best feature. Some detect from the longest distance, while others claim to detect the most radar bands. Others claim to have the highest degree of accuracy and can tell the distance and direction of the radar gun.

With all these different features on the market, which one is right for you? What model of radar detector should you buy? How do you know it will actually work in your state? Is it legal in your state? These and other pressing questions are frequently asked. Here are 3 ways to know you are buying the right radar detector.

1. It detects the right bands for you state.

Some states use different types of radar guns, and unless your radar detector can pick up their signal, it isn’t any use. There is a whole slew of different bands of radar guns, X, K, Ka, POP3 K, POP3 Ka, Laser, etc.

First you need to find out which bands that your states uses. Then you need to find a radar detector that can pick up those bands. Not every radar detector can pick up every band.

2. Find the model you want.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews for nearly ever radar detector ever made on the internet. Now that you know what bands you need to detect, you need to find the right mix of price and features. Some people don’t mind paying $500 for a radar detector, some people want to pay under 100 bucks. Obiviously the more you spend, the more features you will get. And the amount you spend will usually determine the range that your radar detector can detect to.

There are many different websites that will allow you to compare different radar detector models. Once you have found the right model for your needs, find the right price. This usually involves going to a few comparison sites, and searching for that model of radar detector.

3. Make your purchase and install.

Some radar detector installations are as simple as plugging your radar detector into your cigarette lighter socket. Others are more complex and need to have wiring run throughout your car or truck. Depending on the complexity of the product, and your knowledge, you may or may not need to have your radar detector professionally installed. A great place to get a radar detector installed is a car audio store. These shops are experienced with running wire throughout cars, and have probably installed many radar detectors.

Keep in mind that radar detectors are illegal in some states, you should check with local law enforcement before purchasing and installing a radar detector.

A radar detector doesn’t make you invincible to radar guns, and it doesnt’t mean that you won’t get a ticket. You should always obey the speed limit.


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Radar Detectors: Say Goodbye To Costly Speeding Tickets

Posted on 06 July 2008 by admin

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Susan Fielding asked:

For a lot of people, speeding is a normal part of every day life. However, getting speeding tickets regularly becomes expensive. Not only are they expensive, speeding tickets increase your insurance premiums as well.

Are you are fed up with getting speeding tickets? If you drive with a heavy foot or find that you are always in a hurry, it might be time to buy a radar detector.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is essentially a microwave radio receiver. It is a device used to detect speed traps set up by police officers, and can also detect the presence of radar guns that are used to measure the speed of vehicles. Radar detectors are very popular these days, and help many people avoid costly speeding tickets.

Owning a radar detector is a great way to help you abide by the law. Radar detectors are very effective for warning you that you are approaching a speed detection device. The detector will make a noise or flash lights when it senses an incoming signal on specific frequencies. All radar detectors are capable of detecting police radar.

Before you decide to purchase a radar detector, it is important to check whether radar detectors are illegal in your area. They are currently illegal in passenger vehicles in Virginia and Washington, DC.

Buying a radar detector:

The price of radar detectors varies greatly. This is due to the fact that some radar detectors are more sophisticated than others. Choosing the right detector is essential to avoiding speeding tickets. The following are the three types of radar detectors:

Corded Radar Detectors: These are the most popular, and are designed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car. The detector itself is attached to the windshield with suction cups.

Wireless Radar Detectors: The advantage of these is that there are no annoying cords. Wireless radar detectors are winning drivers over with their flexibility.

Remote Mounted Radar Detectors: The remote mount type of radar detectors are mounted permanently to your car, hidden from sight. These detectors are more costly and require professional installation.

When purchasing a radar detector, the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. The more costly the detector, the more features it has, and therefore the better chance of it giving you an advance warning, so you can slow down in time. Advance warning can be critical when hoping to avoid a speeding ticket.

Where should you buy a radar detector?

The best way to buy radar detectors is online. This way you can do some research and read reviews of all the various models and compare the features. It is more than likely you will find a better price online than at your local electronics store.

When looking at prices, just remember that a speeding ticket could cost you up to five times as much as a radar detector.

Radar detectors are not foolproof and do not work all of the time, however, drivers who use radar detectors are safer as a group than those that don’t. So to avoid those speeding tickets, make sure you get the best.


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Radar Detectors: Some Things You Need To Know

Posted on 02 May 2008 by admin

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radar detectors
Alex Baumm asked:

Radar detectors are instruments with so many applications. Nowadays, such devices used by police officers especially those given the task to guard the streets against traffic violators. Radar detectors in this case are used to detect over speeding drivers.

Once the police officers detect through the device that you are over speeding, then, you have with you one big headache that no medicine can ever cure.

Radar detectors are new things brought to us by technology for many purposes and reasons. One of its purposes as already mentioned is to help traffic enforcers apprehend people who disregard traffic rules which oftentimes is a detriment to peace and order in the very community we live in.

Without detectors, traffic officers would have much difficulty in proving when somebody has just violated an ordinance or law. Radar detectors afford them solid and almost undisputable fact that will be effective in proving the commission of a violation.

Radar detectors work because of radio waves, electromagnetic waves and electricity. The atmosphere has so much radio wave which is the primary things necessary for the functioning of detectors, radios and televisions. Radio detectors have mechanisms like radio receiver and transmitter, amplifier and other sorts of things that are needed so that they will function properly.

When radio waves are transmitted by the apparatus they bounce back when they hit solid object like a car. When the waves bounce back they will be received by the detectors. The radio detector has a special mechanism that calculates the speed of the car by means of the transmission and reception of the radio waves. So, the officer gets solid evidence if indeed there is over speeding.

Radar detectors are of many types, too. There is what we call as radar gun. A radar gun is a kind of a device that detects speed of a specific moving target. This enables the police officer to pinpoint the offender with definite certainty because of the certainty that the moving object’s speed is the one measured by the radar gun.

This and some other things are the foreseen and verified benefits of a radar gun and radar detectors in general. That’s why many leaders believe that it would be a good investment for police forces to buy radar guns for their groups.

With the advantage offered by radar detectors, there is no doubt that it will help police officers in maintaining peace and order in the locality. But the cost of a unit of these devices is one reason why some places and many places in the world for that matter have not yet purchased radio detectors for their organizations.

There are however measures undertaken by governments to equip their police forces with radar guns. Radar guns and radar detectors are more likely to be considered as must-haves today for traffic law enforcers.

If you are looking for more technical details on how radar detectors work, you can easily access them from the Internet. Understanding how they work can be very helpful for people who will use them like police officers and students, as well.


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8 Must Know Tips Before Buying a Radar Detector

Posted on 13 April 2008 by admin

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radar detectors
Timothy Rudon asked:

Radar detectors are electronic devices designed to detect radio waves. Radar detectors detect radio signals across a range of wavelengths —X, K, Ka and Ku. Radar detectors are used for a variety of purposes across the world. Radar detectors help alert motorists regarding speed traps and radar guns. Radar detectors are also used in tracking, fishing, and exploration.

When buying a radar detector consider:

1. What you are going to use it for? State of the art radar detectors are expensive so you would need to have a clear idea of what you would like to spend.

2. Think about whether you are going to install the radar detector yourself or are you going to have it professionally installed.

3. It is important to choose a radar detector manufactured by a well known electronics company and a radar that can detect a wide range: Ka, K, X, and so on.

4. Try and get a radar detection unit that has a minimum of 100db. Ideally a unit with a memory function is desirable.The more sensitive a radar unit is the more beneficial it will be.

5. Look for a radar unit with a clear display that can be seen at night. Find one that has an adjustable volume as well as mute option.

6. Ask for a long range detector with high sensitivity.

7. Find out what the technical specifications are as well as the pros and cons of the radar detector.

8. Try and get a radar detector model that has a city/ highway mode. This will limit false alarms greatly.

9. Look for radar detectors with extra features like Vg-2 Alert and Vg-2 Non-detection. These features are valuable in states where using radar detectors is illegal.

10. Ask whether the detector has a voice feature this will ensure that the driver is not disturbed.

Radar detectors retail between USD 100-200 . choose a well known brand like BEL, Escort, K40, or Valentine One. They manufacture radar detectors using updated technologies and take market competition seriously.

Radar detectors can be bought retail or online. Online sites sell the best radar detectors at the most affordable rates. You can mount radar detector on the windshield, dash, or visor. If you want a radar detector custom mounted you will have to spend over a 1000 dollars. Experts recommend an easy to remove mounting system so that you can use the same radar detector in different cars.

Take the advice of experts on the best detector to buy and its placement. Electronics are being constantly upgraded so find out aspects like the frequency in your area and the kind of speed detectors that are in use by the police before making a purchase.

Before you invest in a radar detector find out what the laws in your state are.


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