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License Plate Spray: Method Or Madness?

Posted on 07 October 2008 by admin

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Nahshon Roberts asked:

Photo enforcement has one message for reckless drivers: you can run, but you can’t hide. No matter how quickly you race past a sensor, your license plate will be photographed and you’d eventually be on the receiving end of a $100 fine.

Enterprising drivers, however, have latched onto a clever solution. Their retort to the challenge photo enforcement has issued? Catch me if you can.

Drivers have taken to using a variety of means to elude photo enforcers. One of these is the license plate spray.

License Plate Spray: Ancestor

Before license plate sprays, there were license plate covers. License plate covers deflect light from cameras, making plates unreadable. Manufacturers claim this light deflection mechanism makes it impossible to make out license plates from the side and the top. Because license plate covers come cheaply, many bought them. It was not long before authorities caught on. Some states quickly banned the use of license plate covers.

License Plate Spray: How Does It Work?

License plate spray came after the license plate cover. Like its ancestor, it also relies on the reflective property of a license plate’s lettering. Photo radars utilize a strong flash to photograph cars’ license plates as these vehicles speed by. License plate sprays flash this light back to the camera. The result is a picture made unreadable by over-exposure.

Advantages of Using License Plate Spray

To supporters, the license plate spray is one of the hottest inventions since sliced bread. They encourage its wide use for the following reasons:

● It’s cheap.

A can costs somewhere between $19 to $25.

● It’s easy to apply.

All you have to do is spray license plate spray on your license plate. Then, you wait for it to dry.

● It’s effective.

It reflects photo radar flash, thereby saving you from a costly and undeserved ticket.

● It can be used many times.

One can may be used to spray as many as four license plates.

● One application is good for life.

Once you apply license plate spray on your license plate, there’s no need to reapply it. It will not wash off or fade.

Disadvantages of License Plate Spray

● Its effectiveness is still under debate.

Some claim it works; others say it doesn’t. It’s unclear which side is telling the truth. What is clear as daylight, however, is the fact that license plate sprays are selling faster than law enforcers could blink.

● It may be responsible for negative behavior modification.

Some believe license plate sprays will cause drivers to be cocky. Because they no longer fear legal consequences of their actions, they would exceed the speed limit and run over red lights whenever they feel like doing so.

● It’s illegal.

Most states do not expressly prohibit the use of license plate spray. What they prohibit is obstructing license plates from human view. Manufacturers of license plate sprays argue that spraying license plates with a high-gloss finish is not illegal because the writing on the plates would still be visible to the human eye. It is only a photo radar camera that cannot see them.

To spray or not to spray? That is the question. No matter how we answer it, though, one thing is clear. The human race has made so many technological advancements anything is possible – even foiling wireless eyes.


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Cruising Highways With Number Plate Sprays

Posted on 23 September 2008 by admin

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Nahshon Roberts asked:

It’s no superhero, and it doesn’t have superpowers. But it’s being touted by many as the super-answer to unfairly issued speeding and red-light tickets. If you’re a driver, and you’re disgruntled by photo enforcement, odds are you have already heard of a number plate spray named PhotoBlocker.

What Is PhotoBlocker?

PhotoBlocker is simply aerosol inside a can. It coats license plates with a sheen invisible to humans, but visible to machines. Marketed at $29.99 a can, the number plate spray promises years of road miracles – from helping you elude a red-light ticket to ensuring you are not cited for speeding violations.

The Claim

Naturally, proponents claim that the number plate spray delivers everything it promises. PhotoBlocker is said to have been tested independently by different groups, among them the Denver Police Department, the Dutch Police, Swedish TV, Australian TV, and Fox News. What can PhotoBlocker do? It deflects the light flashed by speed-detection and red-light cameras. This light, in turn, exposes the photos the cameras take, making the license plates captured in the picture unreadable.

What Users Say

Not surprisingly, drivers love number plate sprays. It’s easy to see why. PhotoBlocker is cheap, retailing at less than $30 a bottle. Additionally, this number plate spray is easy to apply. While not fool-proof, the directions are so simple it would take a special kind of simpleton to botch things up. The number plate spray may be used on as many as four plates.

Will It Get You Into Trouble?

States have yet to come up with legislation expressly banning PhotoBlocker or products of similar nature and purpose. Understandably, this leaves many drivers and consumers confused. Are number plate sprays like PhotoBlocker illegal? Is it unlawful to coat license plates with PhotoBlocker?

The confusion stems from the fact that while it is illegal in many states to cover license plates, or prevent people from clearly seeing license plates, PhotoBlocker does not exactly prevent people from viewing license plates. Number plate sprays have a thin, white gloss. This finish ensures the license plate remains visible to the human eye. At the same time, it throws back light from photo enforcement cameras.

At present, there is no explicit prohibition against number plate sprays. If you intend to use one, however, it is always a good idea to check in with your local police force for new legislations affecting drivers. Laws evolve along with political climate and changing realities. What may be lawful today may be unlawful tomorrow. It is not impossible for lawmakers to come up with statutes that specifically ban the use of number plate sprays.

If you’re considering coating your license plate with number plate spray, remember to see the product as it really is. It’s a means to avoid undeserved tickets. It shouldn’t be turned into a license to drive recklessly.


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Tools and Devices to Beat Police Cameras and Radar Detectors

Posted on 19 September 2008 by admin

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Robert asked:

Since the beginning, law enforcement agencies and offenders have been in a cat and mouse existence. Our modern world has equipped our government troopers with enough electronic gadgets like street cameras, police radas and laser guns to keep track of traffic violators, over speeding motorists and catch them with their pants down. With the development of sophisticated technology, counter measures also plied the market, such as radar detectors, laser jammers and recently license plate cover spray, all designed to evade detection, which renders the job of troopers tough to handle.

What exactly are these devices? You might have noticed that our traffic signal systems have become quite sophisticated. Monitoring road traffic is now handled through the use of powerful computers and aided by street cameras, radar detectors, and laser guns. Should you commit a traffic violation, no officer of the law will accost and give you a traffic ticket. Instead, all of these offenses are recorded and a traffic incursion ticket is directly sent to your address. It becomes doubly difficult to dispute a traffic violation because said violation is electronically stored and detailed in a large database, complete with video cover and time.

A product that has been in use by many car owners is the radar detector. The idea behind this scheme is to provide warning signs once you drive along pertinent government installations like photo radars, red-light cameras and also speed cameras. These installations are good deterrents against those prone to commit road violations, drunk driving or drug related offenses.

For those in the habit of over speeding, the radar detector is no match for the laser guns of police troopers. Once a motorist detects the presence of these electronic gadgets, it detects too late since the laser gun needs only a fraction of a second to record the car’s speed. To evade detection, the radar detector must have a laser jammer to prevent the opposing laser gun from momentarily recording speed; thus, giving the driver time to slow down and cruise within the required speed limit.

Photo radars, red-light cameras and speed cameras are now widely used in major cities across the United States. These systems have become popular nowadays, because it is found to be very useful in tracking down traffic violators. No efficient counter gadget has yet been designed to limit its effectiveness except the license plate cover spray that hinders traffic cameras from reading correctly the violator’s plate number. This is a new, highly advanced technology that actively blocks and bars any system that employs a flash camera from taking a photograph of the license plate. In the absence of concrete evidence, traffic violators will not be charged.


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