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Answering Your Radar Detector Questions

Posted on 16 November 2008 by admin

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If you have ever been pulled over for traveling above the speed limit then you know how important a radar detector can be. These tiny devices can greatly reduce your chance of getting pulled over for speeding but do you know how they work? It is one of the technological advances that we seem to take for granted.

Most of us have no clue beyond plugging them into the cigarette lighter and mounting them on the dashboard. But are they legal? How do they work? Those are just a few of the questions that you should have when it comes to radar detectors. This is your lucky day.

This article will cover the basics of radar detectors and hopefully by the end you will have some idea of why a radar detector can mean the difference between a speeding ticket and getting to keep your money and your insurance rates low.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is a device that measures the radio waves bounced off your vehicle. Police officers use a radar gun that gives off radio waves. When the waves hit your vehicle they are returned to the gun to determine how fast you are going. The radar detector measures these waves and alerts you to the presence of someone using a radar gun to detect your speed.

What is a radar jammer?

A radar jammer is a device that will scramble the radar waves and the LIDAR that are aimed at the vehicle. It is important to know that radar jamming is illegal in the United States and if you get caught with a radar jammer you are facing a fine and possible felony conviction for using one. It is definitely not worth the risk to own one.

What are some brands of radar detectors?

There are several different brands of radar detectors on the market currently. You can choose from a Beltronics BEL RX54 radar detector or you can go with the Whistler XTR-690 Radar/Laser Detector. The choice is up to you and it may come down to what guarantees the company offers along with the price.

Is there a guarantee that I won’t get a speeding ticket if I use a radar detector from a certain company?

There are companies that will guarantee that if you purchase their radar detector and still receive a ticket within a year, they will pay for the cost of the ticket. This guarantee is not offered by every company so you will need to check the fine print before you purchase one if this is something that you are looking for in a radar detection company. The company may also have some fine print about paying for the ticket so read, read, read the instructions and guarantee before purchasing.


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Best Radar Detectors

Posted on 20 September 2008 by admin

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Al Turnet asked:

Are you looking for a radar detector and don’t want to get ripped off? I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the best radar detectors for each price point.

If you’re looking to spend just a little, you should check out one of the radar detectors that are available for under $200. You can’t go wrong with the Beltronics Vector 955. It is a radar/laser detector unit with voice alerts, “POP” radar detection and VG-2 immunity. At a lower price point, you have a trifecta of units that will suit your needs: the Whistler PRO-78, Whistler PRO-520, and Whistler XTR-690. reviewed the PRO-78 and XTR-690 and had this to say: “Both the Whistler Pro 78 and XTR-690 are AAA home-run hitters! … It is my opinion that these new Whistler radar detectors represent two of the greatest values in radar detector ownership, today. If it is your desire to have a full-featured radar detector which provides good protection against police radar, particularly against Ka-band, and are budget minded, you need not look further than either the Pro 78 or XTR-690.”

The next class is more than $200 but less than $300. There’s a nice selection of radar detectors available in this price range. The Beltronics Vector 965 and Beltronics Vector 995 radar detector units are both exceptional units that will serve you well. However, if you want to take the next step I recommend you purchase the Escort Passport 8500 X50 (Red) Radar Detector. It’s exactly the same as the Blue model, but is just under $300. Upon its initial release, it was “hailed as the most revolutionary radar/laser detector ever”. Escort radar detectors regularly receive very high marks amongst reviewers and they are one of the top brands available.

Finally, the over $300 class. The Passport 9500i (Red) is a top of the line detector. It won numerous awards, including “Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation,” also adding “you might as well have the best.” Car and Driver said the Passport 9500i “takes the next great leap forward.” And as good as it is, Escort has just released a new radar detector: they have unveiled the Passport 9500i. In their own words, “It provides the best long-range protection against every known radar and laser gun in use in North America, but also incorporates GPS accuracy to silence each and every false alert. It is by far the most intelligent, fully automatic radar and laser detector ever designed. You drive. It learns. End of story.” The Passport 9500ix comes pre-loaded with thousands of red light and speed-based cameras in America. You can also download updates, back up your data and stay on top of new threats by visiting their website.

Now that you’ve got some information, go out there and buy one! If you need to, save or bookmark this page so you’ll know which radar detectors to look out for!


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Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

Posted on 30 May 2008 by admin

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It’s embarrassing to be the one sitting on the side of the road waiting for your speeding ticket as hundreds of people, some you know and some you don’t, pass by. Most likely it is on a strip of road that you drive everyday and this just happened to be the day you got targeted by that laser gun.

This might be when you think about purchasing one of those little gadgets that will give you some notice when one of those “guns” are pointed in your direction. You might want to get a laser detector, especially after you see the amount of the speeding ticket.

After that first ticket, or maybe after numerous tickets, you may begin to understand why there is so much “fuss” about these devices. This is where you will need time, patience, and information to make sure that you get the most up-to-date radar detector at the right price for you.

The older radar detectors worked by using radio waves to detect the speed that the motorist was traveling. The laser guns are more precise and actually, harder to detect by a “fuzz buster.”

When researching which type of detectors works best, the Valentine One Radar seems to be one of the most promising on the market today, when it comes to the best radar detector available. One reason why it is so impressive is that it never goes out of date because it can always be sent back to Valentine for the newest updates. The laser detector they are selling today is actually the same one that they sold several years ago; they just keep updating the technology.

We all know that the best solution to avoid speeding tickets isn’t a laser detector or radar detectors jammers. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to simply avoid speeding altogether. But although most of us are typically law abiding citizens, this is the one law that most every driver breaks at some time or another.

Whether it is intentional or not, it only takes being caught that one time by a law enforcement officer to get a ticket. And although the laws are in place for everyone’s safety, it is hard to swallow when you get a citation and nobody was hurt or you really were unaware of your speed.

So, the best advice for the safety of yourself and everyone on the interstate, side streets, or roads that you are traveling on is to just slow down and leave early enough to get where you are going without the need to speed. However, if you are prone to rushing here and there, especially when traveling great distances and you want to avoid speeding tickets, then do your research and find the best laser detector for your needs and budget.


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Radar Detectors: What Features Do you Need?

Posted on 29 May 2008 by admin

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Alexis Gibrault asked:

When you’ve decided to invest in a new radar detector, either for the daily commute or just day-to-day errands, buying a radar detector can seem a bit daunting. There’s a whole host of scientific breakthrough specs and technical industry jargon to weed through. Do you need a laser detector or a radar detector? What sort of bandwidth should you look for? Visual or audio alerts? Vg2 shielding mechanisms? Mounted or concealed? More than likely, you are just the average consumer, looking for an effective and reliable radar detecting unit to alert yourself to your own speed, as well as who and where you are being monitored for it. After having done a lot of research on the subject for my own interests, I have broken down all the tech specs and necessary features here, to save you the trouble of both unearthing unnecessary consumer headache, as well as buying the wrong radar detector for your individual travels.

· First off, there are basically three types of radar detectors as far as form is concerned: corded, cordless, and remote mount; each with its own set of pros vs. cons depending on your needs and lifestyle. The corded typically mounts to your windshield, and because of its location offers an aerial less-obstructed detection. Cordless is just that, and offers portable convenience. Lastly, the remote mount variety of radar detectors are mounted permanently to your vehicle, hidden from sight.

· What is the difference in laser vs. radar detection? Though radar detection has long been the chosen method of both drivers and traffic patrol, laser radar detection technology has been adopted by the latter. Police patrol will use laser radar for more accurate detection of closer-range vehicles, and standard radar detection for longer distance detection. Though it is more expensive to find a detection unit with both, it lessens your chance of being ill-prepared on the road. Moreover, you should only buy a laser radar model with 360 degree laser detection (Whistler Radar Detectors are a good example); otherwise you will only have the unit detecting in one direction, not from every angle of the vehicle, as is needed.

· City modes? They are basically, the blanket term for precise radar and laser detection in heavy radar frequency zones. The city mode will turn down the range of detection on your unit and perceive less interference or false alerts from external electrical mechanisms as well as other radar detectors in your immediate area. There’s much more of this technical buzz in the city…hence the term. So, if you live or drive in more metropolitan areas vs. rural ones, this would be a good choice for you.

· VG2, Spectre, and Invisible shielding technology. The VG2 alert is the basic technology that allows you to know when the police in your vehicle’s vicinity are using radar detector detectors or VG2 systems, to discern whether you are using a radar detector or not. (Rocky Mountain Radar Detectors have great VG2 systems). Police officials adopted the Spectre system for detecting radar detectors on a broader and more precise playing field, and so the Spectre alert on your new radar detector will let you know when it is in fact being used. This allows you time to shut off your own radar detector, when alerted. The Invisible technology you may want to look for in a higher-end radar detector will be virtually undetectable to the above mentioned police-controlled devices, so you will never have to worry about shutting it down. All of these mechanisms are fairly new and will add expense to your radar detector, but again, it depends on how effective and reliable you need the radar detector to be.

· Bandwidths. Really, the only bandwidth you should have in your radar detector is the X bandwidth. Most frequencies operate on the X, and to incorporate any of the others (K, Ka, Ku), will just be asking for interference from unrelated mechanisms and external electrical stimuli. The result: less focus on what radar detection you should be picking up, such as police radar.

These are the basic necessary components in any reliable and accurate radar detector. You will find many more features available in these systems, but they are cosmetic in relation to the significant ones listed here. Start with these terms/tips for form and function, and then move on to whether you’d like luxury components such as voice alerts and enhanced LED displays.


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Radar Detectors: How To Get Good Value

Posted on 30 March 2008 by admin

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John Hartley asked:

If you want a radar detector for your car, you will find there is an amazing range of prices and models. The question is: How much should you pay?

One answer is another question: ‘How much is your licence worth, and how much will your insurance go up if you get a ticket’? Put like that, you might think it was worth several hundred dollars to buy a good radar detector that will protect you from both radar and laser guns.

You will need to choose from a budget model, which might be very useful most of the time – but not all the time – or a more expensive one that will provide the highest protection against speeding tickets you can get.

Consider various products

I recommend that before you buy a radar detector, you do some research, on the internet or locally. Also, ask friends what they know about radar detectors. The question then is how much money you can afford, and how well you want to be protected. Some police forces use radar guns, and others use laser guns to measure your speed. Neither is very accurate, but some are easier to set up and use than others. Obviously, the police don’t want to waste time setting up the camera when they could be nabbing drivers for speeding!

There is another useful device, which operates differently from the others. This is the Veil radar detector which makes it difficult for the laser light beams to bounce off your car. In fact, they still do bounce back, but not till you are quite close to the laser gun. However good detectors tell you when you are a long way from the laser gun, so you have plenty of time to slow down.

Actually, the first decision is: are radar and laser detectors legal where you live? Find that out before you spend a penny! But remember, surveys show that people who use radar detectors have less accidents than others, presumably because they are more vigilant. Even if there is some doubt about the legality, bear in mind the safety aspects of radar detectors.

Once you are happy that you can use one, the question is: what sort of detector, having found out what type of detectors are used in your area? Next, decide which product you want to buy. The internet is useful here, allowing you to compare different products and different prices. However, do remember this: everyone who puts up a site to sell laser or radar detectors has a vested interest – he or she wants you to buy the products they are offering. Therefore, visit quite a few sites.

The other really useful step is to study reviews to get another viewpoint on how radar detectors compare. You will find that the car magazines have some good reviews, and these are usually published on the internet.

Don’t forget that you want a detector that is easy to fit, is portable, and has excellent performance.

The thing is that one day, you will need a radar detector – the police are using more and more speed cameras each year. You will be happy if when that day comes you get good warning from your detector, but will be annoyed if it doesn’t – and that annoyance will increase once you find how much the ticket will cost you altogether. After all, a ticket can mean increased insurance premiums for three years.

Therefore, I recommend you get the best radar detector you can afford, and to make sure that when you decide to buy a new car, you will be able to transfer the radar detector to your new one easily.


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