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Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector Review

Posted on 12 December 2011 by admin

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This is a radar detector that ensures safe driving in a less expensive way. With just a price of under $200, the Vector V955 includes some features that are mostly found in a more expensive radar detector. Now you can have a safe drive without spending a larger amount of money.

Outstanding features:

Superior Detection – the Vector V955 includes a lot of features for superior detection like, a safety warning system radar capability, a full X, K, SuperWide Ka, a laser detection, patented Mute and Auto Mute feature. Along with those are audible and visual band alerts. It also provides users with a long-range detection performance and the ability to filter out false alarms. It is also invisible to VG-2 radar detector detectors.

Easy to use – the Vector V955 gives you easy navigation with buttons at the touch of your fingertips. You can easily silence alerts with its Patented Mute and Auto Mute technology. All buttons are easily accessible on top of the device.

Auto Scan Mode – the Vector V955 has long range detection thanks to its Auto Scan mode, this mode also filters false alarms so that the user will have full satisfaction in driving.

Ultra Bright LED Display – the Vector V955 also provides visual display of alerts including multiple radar signals, signal strength, and safety warning system messages about upcoming road hazards, construction, emergency vehicles and more.

Total Tracking Laser – the Vector V955 features a 360 view of laser signals, even off axis signals can be detected with this total tracking laser technology of the Vector V955. The Vector V955 uses Beltronic’s best laser detection technology, which uses twin laser ports to detect energies which are absolutely far outside the main laser beam.
Beltronic’s Vector V955 is currently at the number 3 spot of Amazon’s best seller list for car radar detectors.

The Pros:

Beltronic’s Vector V955 has great features that would definitely provide its user a much safer driving experience and filters out any false alarms that is encountered along the way. Also gives alert signals long before the cops are in view. It also comes in a fair price tag, though it is not as cheap as the Cobra ESD7400 but it is worth buying. It includes amazing features that are usually found in high priced radar detectors, and it also provides a 360 view of laser detection.

The Cons:

The Beltronic’s Vector V955 has a fair price tag, the mounting may be a little bit difficult due to the wire cord attached to it but all you need to do is just find a suitable place in your car to mount it then your good to go.

Bottom line:

Beltronic’s Vector V955 is a great radar detector and comes in a great price, it has great features next to the Escort Passport. The great thing is that it is cheaper than the Escort.


***** 5/5 Stars

I gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating for this radar detector because it simply has great features, great sensitivity and long range detection, and it comes in a fair price.

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